Wedding Gazebo

How we became a Wedding Venue


  Once again a picture says it all but if you want to know how Cain's Cove  became  a wedding venue keep reading.  IT WAS AN ACCIDENT ! Fourteen years ago the owner  Chris Cain,   was working on the property and a " BRIDE TO BE"  came out to ask him about possibly using the place for her wedding reception. She had called and he knew she was coming but  he had no idea how that day would change his life or the hundreds of people that have said "I Do" since then.  When she arrived at the property she loved the view and asked him if she could also have here ceremony there.  He said Yes.  There wasn't a gazebo at the time but the he knew that day what he had to do. He had to build a gazebo . Chris did his homework contacted a company called Amish Country Gazebo's in Pennslyvania . He  had their craftsman go to work on  the custom pagoda roof  gazebo that has been the backdrop for hundreds of weddings here in San Angelo.   It was a gamble and  a few months later at a cost of around $10,000 they shipped it down.  With a lot of hard work,  the help of a few close friends and rumor has it a few cold beers it was done.    The story is much bigger and better as Chris has had a connection with the property going back 30 years.  He's not the kind of person you would expect to own wedding venue but when you meet him in person ask him about the history of Cain's Cove  you'll instantly feel his passion for his property and feel at ease knowing that you've found the right place for your special day.   

Bride and Bridesmaids at Cain's Cove on lake Nasworthy in San Angelo Texas

Wedding Chapel - gazebo at Cain's Cove