Frequently asked questions

1. How  long do we have the property?

Cain's Cove rentals are typically for Saturday.  We want our customers to feel relaxed  and you can't relax if you you're  rushed. We include Friday for FREE starting at noon so you have plenty of time to get everything ready,   we don't want you to feel rushed when the event is over  so we also include Sunday until noon for FREE.   

2. How late can we stay on Saturday Night?

There is no end time on Saturday night.  STAY AS LATE AS YOU WANT. The night of your big event you'll have family and friends that haven't seen each other in years,  some have traveled hundreds of miles to be there.  At Cain's Cove we want you to enjoy the time with your guests.  Most venues have and end time of 11:00 which means no matter how much fun everybody is having you'll  be shutting things down starting around 10:00 

3. I've heard that some venues charge extra fees if you stay late on Saturday night.  Is there an after hours fee?

Cain's Cove rental is from noon on Friday to noon on Sunday so there is no need to worry about extra charges if you stay late on Saturday night. 

4. What is the policy on alcohol?  Do we have to buy it through Cain's Cove?

Cain's Cove is a BYOB facility so you can bring your own.  This is a big money saver and one of the reasons people love us. 

5. How many people can Cain's Cove seat?

The banquet hall will seat 200 inside.  The covered patio - courtyard  overlooking the lake can seat 300 + people.  The property is almost 2 acres size so there is no limit to the possibilities of what you can do.  At the largest wedding at Cain's Cove there were 500 in attendance. 

6. Are  tables and chairs included?

Yes tables and chairs are included for FREE when you use Cain's Cove.  This is one of the hidden cost that other venues will nickle and dime you with.  Be sure to ask if you're shopping around.

7.  Is there  a cleaning fee at Cain's Cove?

There is NO cleaning fee.  At the end of your event all we ask is that you take the trash out, put the tables/chairs up and remove anything that you brought to the property (decorations etc.)  We do the cleaning. 

8.  Does the owner live on the property?  We  attended a friends  wedding at another venue, the owners  lived there, they were rude  and eager to get everyone off the property as the night went on.  

NO the owner does not live on the property and the main reason his rental agreement is Friday to Sunday is so his guests can truly relax and enjoy the property. 

9. How far is Cain's Cove from San Angelo?  We're concerned about the  our guests having to make a long drive.

Cain's Cove is on Lake Nasworthy in the city limits.  For those that are worried about the safety of their guest it takes just a few minutes to get an Uber or a Lift to the property.  Because we are in the city limits you can also arrange transportation to and from the hotels easily. 

10. What is the price to reserve a date?

To secure your date the fee is 1/2 the rental price.

11. Do  I have to have Security at my event? 

NO in most cases.  Ninety Nine percent of the business at Cain's Cove is weddings and we currently do not require security at a wedding.  Ask us when booking as there are changes in our policies from time to time. 

12.  Some of the venues we called charged more based on the number of people attending. Does Cain's Cove have additional charges if our guest list gets bigger? 

No Cain's Cove is a flat rental fee. Once again we like to keep it simple. As you're making your list you can relax knowing if the wedding gets a little bigger  that our price stays the same. 

13. Do we have to get insurance when using Cain's Cove?

Yes,  we do require an event insurance policy when using our facility. 

14. Is there a kitchen fee at Cain's Cove?

No there is currently not a fee for using the Kitchen. 

15. What is in the banquet hall at Cain's Cove?

The banquet hall has a Bridal Dressing Room, men's and women's bathrooms, and a kitchen.  

16.  Is Cain's Cove handicap accessible?

Yes we are a handicap accessible facility.

17. Are there any special rules when using Cain's Cove?

Just one.  Relax, enjoy and have fun.  You're not just at the lake you're at Cain's Cove. 

18. How long has Cain's Cove been in business?

We been here 15 years so you can feel comfortable knowing we have the experience to make your wedding the special day you always dreamed it would be.