If you  always imagined a wedding on the water then Cain's Cove is a must see  venue. The picturesque scenery is a true surprise for everyone. With a beautiful gazebo right at the lake's edge, meticulously maintained grounds, a large banquet hall, and  a patio that overlooks the lake  Cain's Cove has become the top venue since opening in 2005. We personally invite you to come and see why hundreds of people have said " I Do " at Cain's Cove.  



Dance floor

Banquet Hall


Cool breezes, incredible views, and spectacular sunsets make Cain's Cove a top choice for those wanting to find the perfect place to relax, unwind, have fun, and create great memories with their families. Come out take you shoes off feel the lush green grass under your feet and imagine sitting in the shade on our patio enjoying the view of the lake and park while your family enjoys the beautiful grounds at Cain's Cove.